Now Hiring: General Hand - Wash Room/Finishing Room

Job Title: General Hand - Wash Room/Finishing Room

Job Description: Maine Heritage Weavers is seeking a general hand for the washroom/finishing floor. This full-time position will be a swing role that splits time between our industrial wash room and the finishing floor.


  • Ability to read and follow directions.

  • Ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently.

  • Ability to communicate effectively and to be an effective team member.

  • Ability to operate in narrow and/or confined spaces as well as lift or move heavy objects.

  • Reliable with a proven attendance record in previous positions.

  • Desire to join a growing Maine company with opportunity for growth.

Hours: Full Time (7am - 3pm, Monday - Friday)

Compensation:  $11/hour to start

How to apply: Fill out the following application below.

About Maine Heritage Weavers: Maine Heritage Weavers is a family-owned and -operated textile manufacturing company based in Monmouth, Maine. It was founded by former Bates Manufacturing President, Fred Lebel, and his daughter, Linda Cloutier, in 2002. The craftsmen and women of Maine Heritage Weavers weave America's most famous bedspreads in their original weight and elegant beauty. With over 100 years of combined experience, this team of former Bates Fabrics employees use the same equipment to weave these superior quality Bates textiles as taught to them by their parents and grandparents.

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